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Every case has two sides. As a former prosecutor, criminal defense attorney Michael Fayard has the advantage because he has successfully fought on both sides of the courtroom. If you are facing charges, talk with him about your case and start developing a defense to fight back!

Michael Fayard:
Criminal Defense Lawyer

Whether you are charged with, or suspected of a crime on O’ahu, a lot is on the line. Both petty misdemeanors or felonies can result in time behind bars, lost privileges, and missed opportunities that you can’t get back.

When your future and reputation are on the line, having the best possible legal counsel matters. And you can only get that level of representation from a private attorney like Michael Fayard. As an accomplished trial lawyer with jury experience and a history of results, attorney Michael Fayard can devote the time and attention your case demands.

Defendants not represented by private attorneys receive average sentences about eight months longer.”

- Morris Hoffman study


Attorney Michael Fayard brings years of experience as both a former Assistant State Attorney in Florida, and a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney in Maui County, as well as a Honolulu defense lawyer. This level of insight puts him ahead of the prosecutors and State building the case against you, whether it’s at the negotiating table, or in the courtroom.

With a history of getting criminal charges dismissed and favorable jury verdicts in trials around the country, Michael knows when the system is working against you and what it takes to make it work for you.

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$1,550,000 Plaintiff’s Verdict

Michael was co-counsel representing a maritime worker that was injured when a negligent employee struck him in the head with a bell hammer attached to a crane. Pre-trial offer was $0.00.

$1,200,000.00 Plaintiff’s Verdict

SR v. TS, et al. – I represented an elderly client that was the injured and was the victim of fraud and theft by thieves using a forged power of attorney and forged deed. Pre-trial offer was $2,500.00.

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Charges We Defend Against

Don’t underestimate your charge or risk your future. Let Honolulu defense attorney Michael Fayard explain your options if you are accused of:

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Whether it’s a felony drug charge, a minor traffic ticket, or an issue with domestic violence, there’s no substitute for genuine trial experience when it comes to the Hawaii penal code. Working with an attorney with a successful record in criminal court can mean the difference in your case.

Together, let’s shape a compelling defense aimed at avoiding jail time, limiting the State’s evidence, and getting you out of the bind you are in.

He is relentless to ensure his clients are well taken care of.”

- Cliff T

Why Work with Michael

Attorney Fayard focuses on telling your story, and does everything possible—in and out of the courtroom—so criminal charges don’t define your life. No matter the charge, let attorney Michael Fayard help.


Clear up misunderstandings without hurting your case.

When you try to explain away criminal charges, you can often do more harm than good. Attorney Fayard will walk you through the process, explain your options, and help find a solution. Whether it is negotiating with the prosecutor, uncovering inconsistent statements from witnesses, or finding favorable evidence, attorney Fayard relentlessly pursues your defense.


Avoid incriminating yourself during police questioning.

The police are typically not focused on your rights. In fact, more often than not, they only want to talk when they do not have enough evidence to bring charges against you. Always remember: You never have to speak to the police without a lawyer! Let attorney Fayard limit your exposure and ensure nothing is misinterpreted. We can’t prevent the police from arresting you, but we can prevent you from providing evidence that leads to your conviction!


Secure bail at your arraignment and get released from jail.

When you’re arrested, you’ll either be released pending investigation or bail will be set. Attorney Fayard will get to work fast to secure your release or negotiate an affordable bail. If necessary, we will work with a local bail bondsman to get you out quick.


Get answers and guidance at every stage of the criminal process.

Dealing with criminal charges is confusing. But whether you have a question about how to keep your license after a DUI or just want a status report, Michael will make sure you know all the possibilities and what steps to take.


Avoid a conviction and preserve your record.

Living with a conviction is usually permanent and will be attached to every job application you fill out. But attorney Fayard will look for any opportunity to keep your record clear. From diversion options for first offenses, to negotiating for a total dismissal, being charged is not the end of the road.


Negotiate a fair plea or fight to clear your name at trial.

Attorney Fayard’s only priority is resolving your case in the best way possible. He’s not your judge, he’s here to help. If that means aggressively pursuing a plea that keeps you free, he’ll tell you so. On the other hand, if you’re best served by taking your case to trial, his experience in court will be invaluable.


Keep your driver’s license and protect your career.

If you’re charged with a crime like a DUI that jeopardizes your license, or job, attorney Fayard will work to find a solution. A conditional license may be available while your case is pending and by securing a dismissal, you can often avoid negative consequences from your job.


Find flaws in the case & ensure your rights are respected.

With Michael’s experience as a former prosecutor, he knows how the state builds a case. He also knows where mistakes happen. If you think the search was improper, let him review the evidence. If a witness got it wrong, let him do the interview. If someone is lying, let attorney Fayard find the truth.


Reduce the impact so you can move on with your life.

One mistake shouldn’t amount to a lifetime of challenges. So even if a dismissal or acquittal isn’t likely, attorney Fayard will ensure that every avenue is pursued to develop a personalized strategy that portrays you as real person who deserves a real chance at moving forward.