Still unsure whether you need an attorney? Keep reading for the top five reasons you need legal representation.

1. You Could Keep Your License

Driving under the influence and Operating a Vehicle While Under the Influence of an Intoxicant charges result in a minimum license suspension of one year. If you have previous DUIs or OVUIIs, you can expect a more prolonged loss of driving privileges. Habitual DUI offenders can have their licenses suspended for up to five years, or in rare cases, for up to ten years.

Most people find life without a driver’s license to be complicated. You’ll be unable to drive to the grocery store or pick your kids up from school. A loss of driving privileges could even affect your ability to earn a living—a qualified legal defender fights for your driving rights.

2. You Could Stay out of Jail or Prison

Almost all DUI cases carry possible jail or prison time. If this is your first DUI, you could spend up to five days in jail. Suppose you are a habitual offender with three or more DUIs on your record. In that case, you would be charged with class C felonies under Hawaii law. You could expect to spend up to five years in prison if you are convicted.

3. You Could Keep Your Job or Find a Job

A DUI conviction takes away your freedom and license, but it can also have lifelong repercussions. You might find it difficult to find or keep your job. A DUI conviction could destroy your professional reputation. Some professions, such as nursing or commercial trucking, have the right to terminate you for such a conviction. Once you have paid your debt to society, your criminal record will reflect this conviction for years to come. When you try to find gainful employment, your background check will show your DUI conviction. It is more likely that an employee would hire a candidate without a criminal record. A DUI defense lawyer can help you clear your name and protect your livelihood.

4. You Could Avoid Higher Premiums

A DUI conviction makes you a greater insurance risk, so your premiums are sure to increase. When you’re unable to earn a living, these costs may be a serious challenge. The only way to avoid these penalties is to make sure you are acquitted.

5. You Deserve the Best Possible Outcome

The ideal scenario is for a DUI lawyer to persuade the court that there is insufficient evidence, and the charges are dismissed. If that does not happen, an attorney can scrutinize the evidence, testimony, and documentation for possibly inadmissible errors.

Sometimes a lab makes mistakes on a chemical drug test. Some police officers make errors in how they administer field sobriety tests. Maybe they didn’t even have probable cause to pull you over in the first place. When the evidence against you doesn’t tell your truth, you deserve a dedicated legal advocate. Your attorney should have the resources to obtain expert witnesses who can testify on your behalf in court.

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