You may have a better chance of avoiding jail and other penalties with the help of a Hawaii DUI lawyer.

How a DUI Lawyer Could Keep You from Jail

We appreciate the hard work of local law enforcement, but we also know that they can and do make mistakes. DUI lawyer Fayard will examine the circumstances, evidence, documentation, and testimony from the state. His deep understanding of criminal defense allows him to create a strategy that might keep you from going to jail.

  • Answers your questions and keeps you informed
  • Helps you evaluate your options for the best possible outcome
  • Challenges illegally obtained evidence
  • Questions validity of chemical tests, evidence collection, and witness statements
  • Works with prosecutors to reduce or dismiss charges when possible
  • Protects your rights throughout

Attorney Fayard has helped many clients find the best solution for a DUI, including teenagers, commercial vehicle drivers, and military personnel.

Hawaii DUI Law

Hawaii calls a DUI “operating a vehicle under the influence of an intoxicant.” The police can arrest and charge you with a crime if you operate or assume actual physical control of a vehicle:

  • While under the influence of alcohol to the extent it impairs your normal faculties and abilities
  • While under the influence of any drug to the extent it impairs your ability to drive carefully
  • With a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher

Hawaii considers a BAC of 0.08 as intoxicated, but you could be arrested and charged even if your BAC is lower. The law allows prosecution for impairment, which may result from one cocktail, one joint, or even one antihistamine.

How To Avoid Jail Time for a DUI

It’s possible to minimize how much time you spend in jail or prison or avoid it entirely with the help of a skilled DUI attorney. These options are usually applicable for a first or second DUI.

For a first-time DUI offense, the court must order community service, jail time, a fine, or a combination of the three, according to HRS §291E-61. A DUI lawyer in Hawaii can present a compelling argument that eliminates jail, with the final sentence of community service, and pays a fine of up to $1,000

The court also has a choice for a second DUI within 10 years of the first DUI conviction. The court can order at least 40 hours of community service or at least five days of imprisonment. It helps to have a lawyer on your side. Attorney Fayard can offer the court a convincing argument to help keep you out of prison

Avoiding Prison for a Felony DUI

A fourth DUI is a Class C felony. It’s much more serious than a first, second, or third DUI. If you plead guilty or are convicted, you face up to five years in prison. However, Hawaii law allows for five years of probation instead, if you follow several conditions, including:

  • 10 days in prison
  • One-to-five-year license revocation
  • Fees
  • Vehicle forfeiture
  • Substance abuse assessment and counseling

Minimum and Maximum Incarceration

The jail time you face depends on whether this is your first DUI or an additional DUI charge.

DUI Charge Minimum Maximum
First DUI 48 Hours Five days
Second DUI Five days 14 Days
Third DUI 10 Days 30 Days
Subsequent DUI
(Habitual Offender
10 Days Five years

If you were 18 years or older and had a minor aged 14 years or younger in the car at the time of the DUI, the court must sentence you to an additional 48 hours in prison. These additional two days are mandatory. However, your total length of incarceration can’t be more than the statutory maximum.

DUI Attorney Fayard Is Ready To Help

Don’t panic about being charged with a DUI. Instead, call a criminal defense lawyer who handles drunk driving charges in Honolulu. Michael Fayard knows how serious a DUI is and how important it is for you to avoid jail time.

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