You’ll want an aggressive Hawaii sex crime lawyer on your side. This is often the difference in defendants accused of sex crimes clearing their names and avoiding conviction.

Hawaii Sex Crime Cases

Sex crime convictions carry some of the harshest penalties under Hawaii law. You’ll want to find a defense lawyer with experience and prior success in sex offense cases such as:

Your reputation and freedom are at risk, but one of the worst penalties of a sex crime conviction is the requirement to register as a sex offender. Such a consequence could haunt you for the rest of your life. It may affect where you live, what kind of work you choose, and your legal rights as a parent of minor children.

Potential Sex Crime Defenses

You know that your criminal defense lawyer is tasked with helping you avoid a conviction. You might wonder how your lawyer will do this or what your defense might look like. Sex crimes are devastating to all involved parties, including your loved ones.

It’s best to work with a criminal lawyer who understands how important your fight for innocence is to you and your loved ones.

Question Your Accuser’s Motivations

It is more common than you might think for accusers to have ulterior motives. When filing criminal sex crime complaints against someone, these motives matter.

Your accuser may have several motives to falsely accuse or involve you in a crime:

  • They could want revenge after a bad breakup
  • They may be your child’s other parent who wants the upper hand in child custody and/or divorce dispute
  • They may feel ashamed after a consensual sexual encounter

Discredit Your Accuser

One of the best defenses is a good offense. Attorney Michael Fayard will carefully analyze every statement made by your accuser, witnesses, and other involved parties. He looks for disparities and inconsistencies that might indicate an untruthful complaint. A criminal defense attorney may also call upon other witnesses with contradictory statements.

Question the Prosecution’s Evidence

The prosecutor needs to be able to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Your criminal defense lawyer knows how to counter the prosecution’s evidence, raise questions, and create enough doubt that the jury could decide to acquit. Your criminal defense lawyer can utilize expert witnesses such as DNA scientists and physicians. They can question the validity of the prosecution’s evidence against you.

When To Accept a Sex Crime Plea?

Accepting a plea agreement isn’t appropriate for every case. However, there are many reasons to accept a plea bargain, including:

  • Get the number of counts of certain charges reduced
  • Avoid having to register as a sex offender
  • Reduce your charge from a felony to a misdemeanor
  • Reduce or avoid jail or prison
  • Spare your loved ones the distress of a public trial

A plea bargain is not for everyone. You are pleading guilty, and depending on the charge, you could still have a criminal record. Therefore, you should discuss the benefits and drawbacks with your attorney. Although a criminal defense lawyer is a valuable source of information, the decision to accept a plea bargain is yours to make.

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