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Often, when you end up in Hawaii Family Court, you’re going through a stressful time. Sometimes it’s good stress; like seeking an adoption to grow your family and support a young person. Other times, it can be the most stressful situation you have faced—whether a divorce or a temporary restraining order—an experienced, dedicated lawyer can help you take the next steps in your case.

Michael Fayard is an experienced family lawyer on O’ahu. He’s handled a diverse range of contested cases throughout his career, from family to personal injury and criminal law. On the surface, you might not realize how this helps your case. But his wide range of experience means he’s ready for anything. He knows how to investigate and evaluate any case. His thorough preparations allow him to gauge the best way to move forward, get the best possible outcome in your situation, and he has the courtroom experience to make a difference in contested legal matters, such as yours.

Family Law Matters We Handle

  • Divorce: If you and your spouse are ready to legally end your marriage we offer affordable and quick uncontested divorces. We will help you and your spouse complete all the documents and get the case filed and resolved quickly. If you are facing a contested divorce each spouse should be represented by a Honolulu divorce lawyer. Going against a lawyer by yourself rarely ends with a good result for you. Throughout the divorce case, you’ll need to make important decisions like dividing marital property, alimony, child custody, child support, and more. Michael Fayard knows Hawaii’s divorce laws and can help you get fair results in and out of court.
  • Paternity: If you’re unmarried and having a child, it’s important to establish paternity. If both parents agree, this is a straightforward matter. But if you or the person you know to be the father are contesting paternity, you might need to force a genetic test.
  • Child Custody: Whether or not you’re going through a divorce, you might need to establish a child custody order. It doesn’t matter how well you get along with your co-parent; you should have a formal order in place that defines legal and physical custody. This prevents disagreements and helps you both focus on loving and raising your child.
  • Child Support: Both parents have a legal obligation to support their children financially. If you’re the primary parent, talk with a lawyer about getting a child support order in place. If you believe you’re paying too much in child support, talk with Michael Fayard about asking for a modification.
  • Grandparents’ Rights and Visitation: Sometimes, the relationship between parents and grandparents can become strained. But that doesn’t mean the grandchildren should suffer. Grandparents who have strong relationships with their grandkids and want to maintain that should talk with Michael Fayard about their rights under Hawaii family law.
  • Adoption: The best type of family law case is adoption. Nothing is more satisfying for a family lawyer than helping a person or couple expand their family with a child who needs a loving home. Michael Fayard can help with in- and out-of-state adoptions, family adoptions, and stepparent adoptions.
  • Guardianship: There are many reasons parents aren’t always able to care for their children, whether it’s financial troubles, incarceration, or illness. Sometimes what’s best is for children to live with another relative or close family friend, and that’s where a lawyer can help a family set up guardianship of a minor person. Michael Fayard also can represent someone hoping to become the guardian of an incapacitated adult.
  • Restraining Orders: Has someone harmed, threatened, harassed, or stalked you? Situations like this are scary, but there are steps you can take to protect yourself, your family, and your household. Call Honolulu family lawyer Michael Fayard to discuss asking for a temporary restraining order (TRO) in Family Court or District Court.


$1,550,000 Plaintiff’s Verdict

Michael was co-counsel representing a maritime worker that was injured when a negligent employee struck him in the head with a bell hammer attached to a crane. Pre-trial offer was $0.00.

$1,200,000.00 Plaintiff’s Verdict

SR v. TS, et al. – I represented an elderly client that was the injured and was the victim of fraud and theft by thieves using a forged power of attorney and forged deed. Pre-trial offer was $2,500.00.

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Strong, Comforting Representation During a Divorce

Separation can be scary, but you don’t have to deal with the legal issues alone.

One of the most common reasons for going to Family Court is getting a divorce. Your first instinct might be to handle the divorce yourself, also known as pro se. By hiring a lawyer, you have someone to guide you through this process and explain your rights. Michael Fayard will help you make decisions that are best for your family’s future and not based on your momentary hurt, resentment, or anger.

There are many issues you have to address during a divorce, including:

  • Categorizing property as separate or marital
  • Equitably dividing marital property
  • Dividing retirement savings and other investments
  • Dealing with business ownership interests
  • Keeping or selling the family home
  • Sharing or separating family pets
  • Deciding a custody agreement that’s in the best interests of the child
  • Navigating parenting exchanges
  • Calculating child support
  • Deciding whether alimony (spousal support) is appropriate

Let Michael help you get a fair outcome for you and your family. Call 808-445-6708 to set up a consultation.

Types of Divorce

By knowing the different types of divorce, you will feel more confident about making decisions in your case. You will also know more about how the facts in your case apply to the type of divorce you select going forward.

The main difference is between an uncontested and contested divorce. The first means you agree on everything, and it can be completed in a couple of months. The latter type means you disagree on one or several topics and need to reach an agreement through mediation or court.

Grounds for Divorce

You don’t need a specific reason to divorce! Hawaii allows for a no-fault divorce based on the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage. When you file for the divorce, you don’t have to give the judge any other reason. Talk with Michael Fayard about how to get started with a divorce on O’ahu or a neighboring island.

Legal Separation Might Be an Option

Are you not quite ready to get divorced? Talk with Michael Fayard about a legal separation. A Hawaii court can approve a separation for up to two years based on an agreement you two come up with. This can be a good choice for spouses who aren’t sure yet. But at the end of two years, you must either reconcile or file for divorce.

He is relentless to ensure his clients are well taken care of.”

- Cliff T

Are You Going Through a Military Divorce?

If you, your spouse, or both are in the military, you should work with a divorce attorney who has military experience. Family lawyer Michael Fayard is not only a veteran, he was assigned to JAG. He has and can represent individuals in military hearings. In terms of a divorce, he is familiar with how active duty can complicate proceedings. He’ll help you navigate issues like service of process and appearances when one or both of you can’t be home for a divorce court hearing.

Mediation for Divorce

Just because you are part of a contested divorce doesn’t mean you’ll hash everything out in court. Hawaii’s family law judges don’t have time for that. Whenever possible, couples are encouraged to use mediation as a way to resolve their issues. Michael Fayard can represent you through the divorce mediation process.

He’ll talk with you about the options you have under Hawaii family and divorce law. He’ll talk about all the ways you can customize your divorce settlement. For example, you don’t have to settle for a stereotypical child custody arrangement. You and your co-parent can figure out a unique schedule that works best for your children.

Mediation can be intimidating because you have to clearly communicate your needs, actively listen to your soon-to-be-ex, and compromise. But it can be a great way to resolve your differences and get to a better place with your ex. Michael Fayard is experienced in guiding people through this process and helping them use it to their advantage.

When Mediation Isn’t an Option

For all of the potential advantages of mediation for divorce, it isn’t always the right choice. You should not pursue mediation if you have been the victim of physical, sexual, emotional, or financial abuse by your spouse. It’s also not a practical means of resolution if you or your partner can’t control your emotions or refuse to compromise.

Resources for Family Law Matters

Here are some links you might find helpful in deciding whether you need a lawyer and how to move forward.


Call a Family Lawyer for Advice

Whether you’re ready to take a major step in your life or just want to know about your options, the best thing to do is call a lawyer in Hawaii. That is a big step in and of itself, but it doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating.

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