Traffic Case Dismissed

Client was facing criminal violation related to driving. Through Michael’s counsel and pre-trial negotiations, all charges against were dismissed.

Special Needs Trust Established

Client was developmentally challenged and received a large settlement that threatened his government benefits. Michael quickly established a special needs trust and avoided loss funds.

Dog Bite Case Avoided

Client was a dog owner that was facing suit over an alleged dog bite. Michael’s early involvement in the case led to no suit being filed and no money being paid.

Speeding Ticket Dismissed

Client was charged with excessive speed. Michael represented him in a bench trial which resulted in the case being dismissed without adverse effect to his driving record.

Client Paid in Full

Client was a special forces veteran that was the victim of a theft on his return from deployment. He had valuable firearms stolen and the insurance company refused to tender payment. Michael was able to get the client paid in full.

Case Dismissed

Client was facing judgment collections and was scheduled for extensive litigation and collections. Michael was hired and defeated the Plaintiff’s efforts, getting the case dismissed without cost to client.

Rear-End Car Accident Settled

Client was injured in a rear-end collision. He hired another law firm that tried to get him to take a low-ball offer. After searching for a better car accident attorney, Michael quickly got the client fully compensated for his injuries.

Favorable Bench Trial Verdict

Michael was hired by a business owner facing a commercial eviction. He successfully represented his client during a bench trial, avoiding extensive damages.

Client Assets Unfrozen

Client had multiple judgments against him and creditors attempted to collect and froze the client’s accounts. Client hired Michael to resolve case and unfreeze his assets.

Eviction Granted

Professional client was out of state and had tenants that refused to pay rent. Michael represented her, getting non-paying tenants evicted from her rental property.