Misdemeanor DWLS Dismissed

Michael represented a client that was charged with driving while licensed suspended or revoked. The original offer from the State was county jail followed by probation. Michael got the case dismissed!

Felony Probation Violation Dismissed

Michael represented a client charged with a Felony Violation of Probation. He got the underlying new case dismissed and then got the probation violation dismissed. Not only was the probation violation dismissed, but he also got the probation terminated 4 years early.

Felony Burglary and Criminal Mischief Dismissed

Michael represented a client that was charged with Burglary and Criminal Mischief. The State wanted prison! His independent investigation uncovered multiple witnesses not disclosed, and Michael got the felony dismissed!

Personal Injury Uninsured Policy Limit Settlement

Michael’s client was injured in an accident with an uninsured driver. She presented an uninsured motorist claim to her own insurance company. Her carrier fought her on settlement. Michael prepared a Bad Faith lawsuit against her insurance company. They immediately tendered the policy limits to my client.

No Conviction of Possession of Paraphernalia

Michael represented a client charged with Possession of Paraphernalia and the state was seeking the maximum sentence. He successfully negotiated with the State and they offered no jail and no probation.

Conviction Overturned

Michael’s client was charged with careless driving and driving on a suspended license. He got his convictions overturned which took 6 points off his license. His insurance was reduced by hundreds of dollars a month, and he kept his job on a car lot.

No Conviction. No Prison

Michael represented a client that was charged with Felony Stalking. State was seeking two years in prison. He filed a Motion to Dismiss and the state settled the case with No Conviction, No Prison, and time served.

No Conviction

Michael’s client was charged with careless driving. He took the case to hearing and resolved the matter without a conviction or negative consequences to his driving record (no conviction, no points).

Plaintiff’s Judgment

Michael represented a company that had an employment placement contract with a large New York Restaurant. Michael’s client placed a high-value employee with the Restaurant, but the restaurant refused to pay the contact fee. He sued and won a judgment for the entire amount of the commission of $15,000.00 plus costs.

Plaintiff’s Contract Paid

Michael represented a roofing contracting business that had a contract for a new roof on a house for a successful doctor. The doctor received a new roof built perfectly, but refused to pay. He prepared a lien and a lawsuit and presented the same to the defendant. He promptly tendered the balance of the contract.